Poqo, noun

XhosaShow more Xhosa, ‘steadfast’, ‘standing alone’.
The military wing of the Pan-Africanist Congress (see PAC), operative during the early 1960s. Also attributive. See also Apla.
1960 Flyer (P.A.C.) in Karis & Carter From Protest to Challenge (1977) III. 560The Pan Africanist Congress (Amafrika Poqo) Has A Message For The Downtrodden Black Masses Of Africa.
1964 M. Benson Afr. Patriots 294The social disruption caused by apartheid has ensured an upsurge of ugly gangsterism, menacing to black and white alike; taking terrible form in the Western Cape of POQO — ‘We go it alone’.
1964 H.H.W. De Villiers Rivonia 49The Bashee River murders were perpetrated by members of Poqo, a terrorist organisation which is a resurrection of the banned Pan African Congress.
1968 J. Lelyveld in Cole & Flaherty House of Bondage 10In Port Elizabeth..fifty-six rural Africans were being tried en masse for belonging to a terrorist organization called Poqo (meaning ‘only’ or ‘pure’).
1970 P.K. Leballo in 10th Anniversary of Sharpeville (PAC) 1With the growing strength of POQO, our military wing, the people of Azania are resolved to carry out armed struggle until fascist tyranny and U.S. led imperialism are totally wiped out.
1975 E. Prov. Herald 18 June 2The so-called Poqo Act, the 90-day Act,..legislation passed to deal with Poqo.
1977 Rhodeo (Rhodes Univ.) 30 Sept. 7In the Transkei and the Eastern Cape, Poqo (‘Ourselves Alone’), said to be the military arm of the PAC, blew up installations and attacked civilians.
1986 E.W. Böhmer Left Radical Movements in S. Afr. & Namibia 1900–1981 I. 589From 1960 to 1963 South Africa was terrorised by the Poqo acts of terror...During a press conference held on 24 March 1963, P.K. Leballo announced that Poqo was the militant wing of the PAC and that 150000 revolutionaries were ready to act on his command.
1986 P. Maylam Hist. of Afr. People 191Poqo’s strategy was based on the assumption that its acts of violence could escalate into a mass popular uprising that would overthrow white supremacy.
1990 City Press 4 Feb. 1Justice Minister Kobie Coetsee published notices repealing the prohibition of the ANC, Umkhonto we Sizwe, the PAC, Poqo, and the South African Communist Party.
1991 O. Musi in Drum Dec. (Then & Now) 58The message was apparently not lost to..the ANC and the PAC whose guerilla groups Umkhonto we Sizwe and the short-lived Poqo of the PAC began an intensive and costly campaign in lives and misery.
The military wing of the Pan-Africanist Congress (see PAC), operative during the early 1960s. Also attributive.
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