Order of Ethiopia, noun phrase

See Ethiopian.
The Order of Ethiopia: An African order of clergy and laity established within the (Anglican) Church of the Province of South Africa (see CPSA noun1) and subject to its control. See also Ethiopian.
The Order now has its own bishop.
1906 Question of Colour 253On August 25, 1900, the Episcopal Synod adopted a scheme for forming the Ethiopians into an order — ‘The Order of Ethiopia’ — within the Church, to be in each diocese under the direct control of the bishop.
1948 B.G.M. Sundkler Bantu Prophets 42The Order of Ethiopia can hardly be said to have succeeded in attracting the broad masses of Ethiopians. It has remained exclusively Xhosa.
1963 P. Hinchliff Anglican Church 202The Order of Ethiopia originated in 1892 when an African minister, Margea Mokone, left the Methodist church and established a separate ‘Ethiopian Church’ intending it to become the great National Church for the African...In 1900 a compact was drawn up which created an order of clergy and laity within the Church governed by a Provincial and a Chapter, and subject to..control of the Bishops of the Province...It was never made clear to the Ethiopians that giving them ‘valid orders’ did not mean giving them their own bishops.
1963 Wilson & Mafeje Langa 93The Order of Ethiopia has its own separate organization, but its members are members of the Church of the Province and its Provincial is appointed by the Archbishop. It is therefore not a separate church, though many people speak as if it were one.
1979 E. Prov. Herald 18 June 11The walkout followed a heated debate over a motion calling for the consecration of a bishop for the black-dominated Order of Ethiopia, which falls under the authority of the Church of the Province. Fears were expressed that the order might break away once it had its own bishop.
1983 Daily Dispatch 9 May 1Eleven people were injured when violence erupted..yesterday at the installation of the Rt Rev Dr Sigquoba Dwane as Bishop of the Order of Ethiopia.
1989 Daily Dispatch 21 Mar. 1The Order of Ethiopia and the Methodist Church..do not officially recognise the gatherings at the shrine and have never encouraged their members to attend.
An African order of clergy and laity established within the (Anglican) Church of the Province of South Africa (see CPSAnoun) and subject to its control.
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