monkey orange, noun phrase

1. klapper noun1 sense 1.
1953 B. Fuller Call Back Yesterday 110Kathleen recollects as a child going to the South hunt for wild monkey-oranges and dates.
1991 D.M. Moore Garden Earth 198Monkey oranges, from the tree Strychnos spinosa, are also a favorite fruit [of the indigenous people of the Kalahari Desert]. They..fall to the ground, where they turn orange as they ripen.
2. With distinguishing epithet denoting a particular species of Strychnos:
green monkey orange, S. spinosa;
spine-leaved monkey orange, S. pungens;
spineless monkey orange, S. madagascariensis.
1982 Fox & Norwood Young Food from Veld 259Loganiaceae, Strychnos spinosa Lam. Common names: English — green monkey orange.
1984 J. Onderstall Tvl Lowveld & Escarpment 148Loganiaceae, Strychnos Madagascariensis Spineless Monkey Orange, Botterklapper.

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