low country, noun phrase

Also with initial capitals.
lowveld. Also attributive.
1879 Chambers’s Jrnl (U.K.) 1 Mar. 134For big game, the low country and Bushveld is that part of the Transvaal which the hunter must seek.
1911 Farmer’s Weekly 4 Oct. 127That cotton will grow up north [from East London], especially in the Low Country, is undeniable...I see no reason why famers should not be equally successful in the Low Country of the Transvaal.
1929 D. Reitz Commando 126Our road ran through the Sabi low country teeming with big game of all descriptions.
1930 Off. Yr Bk of Union No. 12, 1929–30 (Union Office of Census and Statistics) 18The Low Country stretches from the Limpopo valley behind the escarpment past the eastern end of Zoutpansberg southwards to meet the South-Eastern region below the escarpment east of Carolina.
c1936 S. & E. Afr. Yr Bk & Guide 715Leydsdorp, 2,200 feet, at one time the principle township in the Low Country, was proclaimed as a gold digging in 1887.
1937 J. Stevenson-Hamilton S. Afr. Eden 160There was a land boom, and for the first time there began to arise a demand for the opening up of the low-country fever belt.
1940 F.B. Young City of Gold 100That trackless expanse of bush and savannah which men called the Low Country.
1947 J. Stevenson-Hamilton Wild Life in S. Afr. 189I have weighed a good number of low-country leopards immediately after death.
lowveld. Also attributive.
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