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Khoi, noun

Also Khoe, Khoin.
Shortened form of Khoikhoi.
1. Khoikhoi sense 1. Also attributive.
1976 R. Ross Adam Kok’s Griquas 7The belief was current that the Moravian mission at Genadendal locked up Khoi labour that would be better employed on white farms.
1993 S. Hall in Natal Mercury 29 Dec. 7The more robust dogs found among the Khoi and San were described as being very ‘plucky’ and protective.
2. Khoikhoi sense 2. Also attributive.
c1978 S. Afr. 1977: Off. Yrbk (Dept of Info.) 99The Khoe languages constitute a language family. They include Nama (or Namaqua), Xiri (or Griqua) and !ora (or Korana).
1989 R. Finlayson Changing Face of isiXhosa. (Unpubl. thesis, Unisa) 4Certain Khoi morphemes have been adopted into Xhosa and hence we have suffixes such as -rha, -sha and -sholo in the language.
Khoikhoi1. Also attributive.
Khoikhoi2. Also attributive.

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