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Kei, noun

KhoikhoiShow more Khoikhoi kei sand (used as the name of the river forming the border between the old Cape Province and Transkei).
1. combinations
Kei apple, also with small initial, the densely spiny shrub or small tree Dovyalis caffra of the Flacourtiaceae; its edible bright yellow fruit; Dingaan’s apricot; also called wild apricot (sense (a) see wild sense a); also attributive;
Kei lily, the red lily Cyrtanthus sanguineus of the Amaryllidaceae; also called fire lily.
1853 E. Armitage in J. Chapman Trav. in Int. (1868) II. 449The Kei apple, or Dingan’s Apricot, invaluable for forming thorny fences and yielding a pleasant fruit.
1989 [see Knysna lily sense b].
2. Also ’Kei, and with small initial. In newspaper captions and headlines: elliptical for a. Transkei (see note at Transkei). b. Ciskei (see Ciskeian adjective). Also attributive.
1979 Voice 23 Sept.Pamphlets flood ’Kei.
1987 City Press (caption)Some of the 1 000s of Ciskeian refugees now living along the roadside in South Africa.
Transkei (see note at Transkei).
Ciskei (see Ciskeianadjective). Also attributive.

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