initiation school, noun phrase

circumcision school, see circumcision sense 2. Also attributive.
1939 R.F.A. Hoernlé S. Afr. Native Policy 84Initiation into manhood and womanhood through participation in an Initiation School [was] the only stage in this tribal education during which the boys and girls were very literally and completely segregated from the common round of daily life in the tribe.
1948 O. Walker Kaffirs Are Lively 42Bavenda people keep very much alive their dark old customs of initiation schools and ‘python dances’ for young girls.
1965 P. Baragwanath Brave Remain 3He had been out hunting with his initiation school friends.
1976 S. Fugard Rite of Passage 39These were the rites of the Mediti in the Pedi initiation school.
1978 Daily Dispatch 14 July (Indaba) 4He asks the chief to allow his youngest son, Jacob, to forego the initiation school as his studies are important because Jacob wants to go to university to study medicine.
1982 Sunday Times 2 May 3The gang has already nabbed the private secretary of the homeland’s Chief Minister and dragged him off to an initiation school.
1988 M. Saliso in E. Prov. Herald 13 Feb. 3It was against African custom for an initiate to be removed from the initiation school and taken to a place where he would be exposed to some form of contact with women.
1992 M. Mabusela in E. Prov. Herald 25 Jan. 5Parents should take their sons to a doctor who could recommend the use of blood cleaning pills and medicines before going to the initiation school.
circumcision school, see circumcision2. Also attributive.
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