Info, noun

From Department of Information.
Often in the phrase Info scandal. Muldergate.
1980 Rhodeo (Rhodes Univ.) Feb. 7While the English papers have claimed this sweeping role, it is significant to note that black newspapers largely ignored Info...Info helped spruce up the shining white image of the P W Botha administration.
1980 Rand Daily Mail 27 Nov. 16For the fourth time since we first began exposing the Info scandal, the police called on this newspaper yesterday to investigate our reports relating to it.
1987 New Nation 10 Sept. 5The Info Scandal of 1978 confirmed that the government had pumped thousands of rands into the anti-Nusas campaign.
1988 G. Silber in Style Mar. 39He had been fired for ‘tendentious and unacceptable’ reporting when he stumbled across a story which he believed to be of interest to readers back home. He joined SAAN, taking the story with him. It was the Info Scandal.
1990 [see Muldergate].
Hence (nonce) Info-ish adjective, reminiscent of the Info scandal.
1990 Sunday Times 25 Feb. 22The almost daily revelations have acquired a distinctly Info-ish flavour. Public disquiet is high.
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