Hodmadod, noun

Also Hodmandod, Hodmontot.
English, KhoikhoiShow more Perhaps adaptation of Hottentot (or the source of that word); or related to obsolete English hodmandod a deformed person; or imitative of an unknown Khoikhoi word or phrase.
Khoikhoi sense 1.
1697 W. Dampier New Voy. round World (1729) I. 536The Natural Inhabitants of the Cape are the Hodmadods, as they are commonly called, which is a corruption of the word Hottantot; for this is the Name by which they all call to one another..as if every one of them had this for his Name.
1697 W. Dampier New Voy. round World (1699) I. 464The Inhabitants of this Country [New Holland] are the miserablest People in the World. The Hodmadods of Monomatapa, though a nasty People, yet for Wealth are Gentlemen to these.
[1699 W.A. Cowley in R. Raven-Hart Cape G.H. 1652–1702 (1971) II. 309We walked..to the Village inhabited by the Hodmandods, so called by the Hollanders, to view their Nasty Bodies...The Hodmandods are born White, but make themselves Black with Sut, and besmear their Bodies all over.]
1710 E. Ward Vulgus Britannicus III. 40So Hodmontots, because their Feasts Chiefly consist of Gutts of Beasts.
1729 W. Dampier New Voy. round World (7th ed.) 34The Hodmandods..make themselves Black with Sut.
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