Grondwet, noun

Also with small initial.
AfrikaansShow more Afrikaans, grond foundation, ground + wet law.
historical, Law
The constitution of any of the republics proclaimed by Boers during the nineteenth century. See also wet.
The constitution of the Republic of Natal was first promulgated in 1838, that of the Orange Free State in 1854, and that of the Transvaal in 1858.
1873 Volkstem 27 Aug.According to our Constitution, the Grondwet, a bill, before coming on for consideration in the Volksraad, must be published for three months in the Staatscourant.
1877 F. Jeppe Tvl Bk Almanac & Dir. (1976) 37The administration of law is regulated by the so-called Grondwet or Fundamental Law proclaimed in 1858, sundry Ordinances and Regulations passed from time to time..and, further according to Roman Dutch Law.
1897 E. Prov. Herald 24 Feb.The sovereignty of the Republic must be maintained as the Convention would be broken if judgement were given in conflict with the Grondwet, and war would then ensue.
1899 A. Milner in C. Headlam Milner Papers (1931) I. 350The principle embodied in the new draft Grondwet that any Resolution of the Volksraad is equivalent to a law.
1904 H.A. Bryden Hist. of S. Afr. 110The village of Pretoria was laid out, and in 1858 a Grondwet or Fundamental Law was agreed upon by the Volksraad assembled at Rustenberg.
1926 M. Nathan S. Afr. from Within 88Tested by the Grondwet or Constitution of the Country, a mere resolution of the Volksraad had no legal force, and could not repeal or override another law which had been duly passed.
1949 E. Hellmann Handbk on Race Rel. 278The Grondwet of the South African Republic (1858) made it clear that no equality between black and white would be tolerated.
1955 W. Illsley Wagon on Fire 124By this process of reasoning he could heartily subscribe to the Grondwet of the Republic when it declared that ‘there shall be no equality in Church or State between black and white in this land’.
1976 A.R. Willcox Sn Land 200Before resuming the Trek the combined parties hammered out a grondwet (constitution) for their proposed republic.
The constitution of any of the republics proclaimed by Boers during the nineteenth century.
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