garam masala, noun phrase

garum masala, gharum masalaShow more Also garum masala, gharum masala, ghurum masala.
HindiShow more Hindi, garam hot + masala spices.
Especially among people of Indian descent: a mix of curry spices and herbs.
Used also in British English.
1961 Z. Mayat Indian Delights 13After curries are done they are ‘pepped’ up with a last minute addition of mixed spices. This blended spice is known as Ghurum Masala.
1976 Darling 29 Sept. 100The owner advised me to buy all their curry spices as well as their garam masala separately, and mix them to taste when I made a curry.
1977 Fair Lady 8 June (Suppl.) 33Jinga Curry (Shrimps or Prawns)...1 teaspoon dhunia/jeero..¼ teaspoon gharum marsala.
1982 Z. Mayat Indian Delights 53Gharum Masala,..Elachi powder..dhunia powder (coriander)..jeero powder (cumin)..cloves [etc.]. Good chefs buy the spices whole, roast them in the oven and then pound them fine.
1988 W. Colley in Personality 16 May 561 teaspoon ground turmeric 2 teaspoons Pakco Roasted masala 3 teapsoons garum masala.
1992 R. Mesthrie Lexicon of S. Afr. Indian Eng. 19Garam masāla,..A mixture of pounded spices, comprising ginger, garlic, bay leaves etc. dark green in colour. Not as hot as masāla..despite the name. Lacking hot chilli.
a mix of curry spices and herbs.
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