Gammatjie, noun

Also Gamatjie, and with small initial.
AfrikaansShow more gammat + Afrikaans diminutive suffix -ie, see -ie.
gammat sense 1. Also attributive.
1960 J. Cope Tame Ox 185Take a Gamatjie — unless he has a bottle of drink and a guitar he can’t grind out a squeak.
1970 Post 10 May 15Laugh with Gammatjie. Send your jokes to: Post’s Gammatjie Jokes Department.
1971 A. Mendelow in Convocation Commentary (Univ. of Witwatersrand) Apr. 7The plethora of..Jewish jokes, Gammatjie jokes, jokes about policemen, jokes about Scots, and so forth.
1976 M. Manuel in Cape Herald 14 Sept. 6One that they should publish Gammatjies jokes. Then Cape Herald is the paper for grandparents, parents and children.
1986 D. Case Love, David 14We sat for a while listening to David’s and Oupa’s jokes about Gammatjie and Abdoltjie and Van Der Merwe.
gammat1. Also attributive.
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