Eskom, noun

Formerly also Escom.
English, Afrikaans, Show more Acronym formed on English Electricity Supply + Afrikaans Kommissie commission. (Formerly called Escom in English and Evkom in Afrikaans, see quotation 1987.)
A statutory body established by the Electricity Act of 1922 to provide a national electricity grid. Also attributive.
Originally a convenient abbreviation of the full name, Eskom has been the official company name since 1987.
[c1937 Our Land (United Tobacco Co.) 29‘Escom House’..the headquarters of the Electricity Supply Commission.]
1943 L. Sowden Union of S. Afr. 109He was chairman of Iscor and of another great state undertaking, the Electricity Supply Commission — Escom for short — which had been established by the Smuts Government in 1923 to operate free of Parliamentary control on a non-profit-making basis.
1951 Yr Bk & Guide to Sn Afr. 1951 101In the 25 years of its existence, Escom, the National Power Supply Authority, has been..constantly extending its service to the Nation.
1960 Star in J. Crwys-Williams S. Afr. Despatches (1989) 330Escom technicians were marking out the route the power line will take from the mine headquarters to the new shaft.
1978 S. Afr. Digest 27 Oct. 12The Electricity Supply Commission (Escom) is to call tenders early next year to build a giant R1 200-million, 3 600 MW coal-fired power station in the Bethal-Ogies-Witbank area in the Transvaal.
1983 E. Prov. Herald 26 Feb. 1The entire Cape Province was plunged into darkness early today by a massive power failure on Escom’s main transmission line.
1987 Daily Dispatch 3 Nov. 11The Electricity Supply Commission, alias Escom, alias Evkom, is no more...Henceforth the simply Eskom...The official name in terms of the Eskom Act No.40 of 1987..provides for a single spelling in both English and Afrikaans...‘Eskom thus refers to a legal entity in its own right and is not an acronym for any other name.’
1990 Flying Springbok June 114Eskom generates 97% of all electricity in South Africa...Eskom’s generation represents nearly 60% of the electricity used on the entire African continent.
1993 Star 21 July 15Eskom, South Africa’s giant utility parastatal, plays a critical role in the development of southern Africa.
A statutory body established by the Electricity Act of 1922 to provide a national electricity grid. Also attributive.
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