Cape rifle, noun phrase

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Cape gun.
1887 W.S.S. Tyrwhitt New Chum in Queensland Bush 147I have found the Cape rifle..a very useful gun for Queensland work [i.e. kangaroo shooting].
1957 G. Tylden in Africana Notes & News Vol.12 No.6, 209Although the so-called ‘Cape Rifle’ had been made in various bores to take different bullets for some years, it was the Enfield ammunition that made it so popular and so widely used.
1957 G. Tylden in Africana Notes & News Vol.12 No.6, 216Octavius Bowker..fought in all the wars on the Eastern and Basuto borders from 1835 to 1881...and had much to do with popularising the Cape Rifle.
1971 F.V. Lategan in Std Encycl. of Sn Afr. IV. 525In 1854 the Cape rifle was also provided with Minié rifling...The lighter .577 Enfield bullet, together with 2½ drams of powder in a greased paper cartridge, made the Cape rifle particularly popular...This rifle, usually with one barrel rifled, was supplied in .45 and .50 inch by the Grahamstown gunsmith Hayton, among others.
Cape gun.
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