Bondel, noun

Shortened form of Bondelswart. Also attributive.
1922 Report of Administration on Bondelzwarts Rising (UG30–1922) 14On approaching Guruchas we were met and stopped by three Bondels one of whom was armed with a mauser rifle and a bandolier of cartridges.
1936 Cambridge Hist. of Brit. Empire VIII. 697Both the official and the Namaqua captain were shot, and this was the signal for the rising of the Bondels tribe.
1971 J.A. Brown Return 16Would anyone choose to live in such a God-forsaken land? Even the Nama did not live there by choice and the Witboois and Bondels had all come from the south..driven out of better lands.
1990 K. Pather in Cue 5 July 2Abraham the Bondel leader who returns from exile across the Orange River. In response to ‘destroy the Bondels’ — a 1922 South African campaign.., Morris leads his people into rebellion.
Shortened form of Bondelswart. Also attributive.
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