boer hound, noun phrase

Also with initial capital.
AfrikaansShow more Calque formed on Afrikaans boerhond ‘boer dog’, boer (applied to indigenous plants and animals) + hond dog.
An indigenous cross-bred dog similar to the boerbull.
1895 H. Rider Haggard Nada 27His father was a Boer hound, the first that came into the country.
c1904 E.L. Price Jrnls (1956) 56Mother & I began ascending toward the house when out rushed 3 or four huge Boer-hounds straight for us, & a big Boer behind them — evidently not anxious to call them back.
1939 S. Cloete Watch for Dawn 122In all the district there was no dog as large or as savage as Bothma’s; it was a regtig Boer hound of the best strain that had been kept pure without admixture.
1946 V. Pohl Adventures of Boer Family 96Dudley..went unarmed on his journeys, relying only on his own courage and resource, on Plaatjie and on a fierce half-bred Boer hound.
1964 V. Pohl Dawn & After 141We were accompanied by Bosveld, a mongrel.., and a large Boer-hound of sorts called Bull.
1971 [see boerbull].
An indigenous cross-bred dog similar to the boerbull.
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