bobbejaan spanner, noun phrase

Also bobiaan-spanner.
AfrikaansShow more Partial translation of Afrikaans bobbejaansleutel, monkey-wrench (tool patented by C. Moncky), bobbejaan baboon, monkey + sleutel wrench, spanner.
A monkey-wrench or shifting spanner.
1961 D. Bee Children of Yesterday 229Nigel put down the bobbejaan spanner and mopped his brow...‘I understand this machinery, Oom.’
c1966 M. Jabour in New S. Afr. Writing 92Ouma was always prepared for any eventuality. In the black bag..she kept bandages and medicine, needle and thread, and even a bobbejaan spanner.
1976 Grocott’s Mail 21 May 6 (advt)The Messenger of the Court has attached the following assets, namely: 1 Wheelbarrow, 1 Bin, 1 Bobbejaan Spanner, 1 Chisel.
1984 T. Baron in Frontline Feb. 17Sylvester grabbed his chin, swivelling it from side to side with fingers hard as a bobbejaan spanner.
1989 J. Evans in Personality 29 May 15Woe betide anyone who sneaks into the pound at the dead of night with a bobbejaan spanner to make a quick adjustment.
A monkey-wrench or shifting spanner.
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