blink klippie, noun phrase

Formerly also blink klippije.
AfrikaansShow more Afrikaans, blink klip (see blink klip) + diminutive suffix -ie.
obs. except in historical contexts
klip noun sense 2.
1931 G. Beet Grand Old Days 131He..induced the local natives to make a careful search along the river banks and adjacent ground for the ‘blink klippijes,’ while he himself superintended diamond-washing operations.
1946 S. Cloete Afr. Portraits 109A child was playing a game with stones. He had collected them for himself on the veld,..and his favourite stone was his blink klippie — his shining stone — the first diamond to be found in Africa.
1968 J.T. McNish Rd to El Dorado 86The reward given would dazzle every native within hundreds of miles of DeKalk, and they might walk long distances to bring their ‘blink klippies’ to Schalk van Niekerk after this deal went through.
1968 J.T. McNish Rd to El Dorado 128 [see bandom].
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