Bay, noun

Shortened form of Algoa Bay.
Usually the Bay: a. Port Elizabeth (see PE). b. Algoa Bay, on the shores of which Port Elizabeth was built. Also attributive.
Port Elizabeth is colloquially known in Xhosa as iBhayi (see Ibhayi), and in Afrikaans as die Baai (see Baai).
1820 G. Barker Journal. 17 Apr.Mr Bailey’s party left the Bay for their location.
1820 W. Shaw Diary. 4 JunePreached twice during the week to the soldiers and Settlers at the Bay.
a1827 D. Carmichael in W.J. Hooker Botanical Misc. (1831) II. 281We left the Bay early in the morning, and halted about ten o’clock at the Swartkop River.
1838 T. Shone Diary. 3 Nov.We started from the bay at quarter past 7 o’clock in the evening for Swarts Kop.
1866 E. Wilson Reminisc. 41In the month of October, 1861, a gentleman was stopped on the Bay road, and robbed of a very valuable gold watch and chain.
1873 F. Boyle To Cape for Diamonds 46So devious was the journey under these circumstances, that passengers from ‘the Bay’ did not hope to reach their journey’s end before the eighth day.
1890 A. Martin Home Life 45Only a day’s journey from ‘the Bay,’ as Port Elizabeth, like San Francisco, is familiarly called.
1891 W. Selwyn Cape Carols 159They bear their sad burden, of so little worth, To the jail, where Bay charity fans her small fire.
1911 Farmer’s Weekly 22 Mar. 12The S.S. ‘Galician’ has just landed at Port Elizabeth three very fine bulls...Visitors to the Bay show will be able to see them on application.
1937 H. Sauer Ex Afr. 27We headed for Port Elizabeth, or ‘The Bay,’ as the town was then universally called in South Africa.
1976 E. Prov. Herald 17 June 18Crunch in Bay economy cuts employment. Port Elizabeth and Uitenhage factories..retrenched more workers between January and March this year than in corresponding periods over the past five years.
1986 Sunday Times 13 July 27Another record for the ‘boys from the bay’ is that both Gerber and Serfontein captained the South African Schools XV.
1991 Grocott’s Mail 26 Feb. 4Splashing out at the Bay. The organisers of the ’91 Port Elizabeth Festival, to be called Port Elizabeth Splash, have appealed to the hinterland for participation.
Port Elizabeth (see PE).
Algoa Bay, on the shores of which Port Elizabeth was built. Also attributive.
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