Anglikaans, noun

Also Englikaans.
English, AfrikaansShow more Blend of English Anglo (or English) + Afrikaans Afrikaans.
A hypothetical language resulting from the mixing of English and Afrikaans.
1934 Cape Argus 9 June (Swart)It was suggested at a meeting of the Johannesburg English Association that a language called ‘Anglikaans’ might be the future language of South Africa.
1972 Cape Times 8 Jan.What is Anglikaans? Does it consist in the jocular use of Afrikaans words and accents by the English-speaking? Does it extend to the serious use of Afrikaans words, such as trek and spoor, already incorporated into English?..If Anglikaans includes..South Africanisms of every variety, is there any likelihood that Anglikaans will eventually become the dominant South African vernacular?
1972 M.S. Informant, Graaff-ReinetThe farming community here use ‘slag’ quite commonly in this ‘Anglikaans’ that is spoken on the farms.
1977 W. Steenkamp in Cape Times 5 Dec. 13We in South Africa have our own dialect too, of course, which is known as ‘Englikaans.’ I cannot help wondering, though, what will happen to Englikaans’s various sub-dialects in this age of mass communication. I think particularly of a rare specimen I can only call ‘Xhonglish’, which is found in Transkei.
1981 V.A. February Mind your Colour 156He uses the language of the poor, that peculiar mixture of English and Afrikaans which I shall refer to as Englikaans.
1987 R. Cutler in Style Mar. 28It might be a smart solution to the major white lingo problem to allow Anglikaans to become official as soon as possible.
1989 Weekend Post 26 Aug. 11If that main-man what counts among the taal-tiffies, Dr Samuel Johnson, could hear military Englikaans he would get a skrik and probably strek the troopies like a blougat two-liner, but William Shakespeare would feel bakgat about it.
A hypothetical language resulting from the mixing of English and Afrikaans.
Hence Anglikaner, also Englikaner, an English-speaking South African; also attributive.
1982 M. Spring in Star 19 Sept. 10Denis Worrall, who is now our country’s ambassador to Britain, has rightly been saying for years that intelligent Englikaners are cursed with the disease of negativism...Back in the early ’60s and the mid-’70s, when we experienced similar civil unrest,..exoduses of Englikaner liberal intellectuals began: 15000 South Africans emigrated in 1961, 26000 in 1977.
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