Boer pony, noun phrase

1915 Rand Daily Mail 1 Feb.Most everyone who went through the South African war will agree..that the Boer pony was vastly superior for the mounted arm of the service than the imported horse.
[1916 Farmer’s Weekly 20 Dec. 1451 (advt)For Sale or Exchange. Three well bred Boer Mares...Two are well-matched and trained to harness.]
1940 J. Buchan Memory Hold-the-Door 118I used..horses of all kinds from half-broken Argentines and Texans to handy little Boer ponies.
1963 S. Cloete Rags of Glory 145I got good ones, real Boer ponies. Two tripplers. All about fifteen hands. Short-coupled, good bone. The usual dash of Spanish and Arab blood.
1990 J. Theron in Farmer’s Weekly 20 Apr. (Sporting Horse) 14At the time of the Boer War..large numbers were still to be found on farms. They were inbred Cape Horses and were generally known as ‘Boerperde’ or ‘Boer Ponies’.
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