Staff of the Print Edition

The team listed below was responsible for the compilation of the print edition of A Dictionary of South African English on Historical Principles between 1969 and 1995.

For the online edition staff, see here.

Dictionary Unit Staff, 1969–1995


William Branford (Honorary Editor, 1969–June 1988; Senior Author, July 1989–90)
Malcolm Hacksley (Acting Editor, July 1988–Dec. 1989)
Penny Silva (Acting Editor, Jan. 1990–June 1991; Editor, July 1991–5)

Editorial and Research Staff

Jean Branford (Assistant Editor, 1971–78; Associate Editor, 1979–June 1989)
Michael Breetzke (Research Assistant, Feb.–Apr. 1994)
Margaret Britz (Assistant Editor, 1977–June 1991)
Wendy Dore (Associate Editor, Dec. 1989–Nov. 1995)
Lalage Gough (Assistant Editor, 1990)
Malcolm Hacksley (Associate Editor, 1991)
Raewyn Hill (Assistant Editor, 1987)
Sally Hunt (Assistant Editor, 1988)
Rachael Johnston (Research Assistant, 1994)
Peter Kota (Editorial Assistant, 1969)
Irene Künz (Editorial Assistant, 1987–8)
Vanessa Limbrick (Assistant Editor, 1989–90)
Dorothea Mantzel (Associate Editor, 1989– )
Betty McLeod (Editorial Assistant, Feb.–June 1970)
Colin Muller (Associate Editor, May 1990–April 1995)
Jane Pargiter (Editorial Assistant, 1982–4)
Abigail Paton (Editorial Assistant, 1988–9)
Susan Pattison (Assistant Editor, 1987)
Alan Pitt (Editorial Assistant, 1988)
Armanda Santos (Assistant Editor, 1987–8)
Penny Silva (Assistant Editor, Aug. 1970–73, Oct.–Dec. 1989)
Lucy Smith (Research Assistant, Apr.–May 1994)
John Walker (Assistant Editor, Jan. 1973–Apr. 1976)
Madeleine Wright (Associate Editor, Mar. 1990– )

Clerical Staff

Margaret Britz (July 1971–6)
Anita Coetzee (1986–9)
Nova de Villiers (1976-7)
Pat Holgate (1990–3)
Joseph Jadi (1987–91)
Jane Rist (1990–2)
Beverley Taylor (July–Dec. 1993)
Tracey Wild (Dec. 1989–94)