List of Abbreviations

Abbreviations may appear with or without an initial capital, depending on their context. If a full form and its abbreviation both end with the same letter, the end stop has generally been omitted.

a (before a date) ante, before, not later than
abbrev. abbreviated, abbreviation (of)
absol. absolute, -ly
Acct account(s)
ad. adaptation (of)
adj. adjective, -tival
adjs adjectives
Admin. administration
adv. adverb, -ial
advs adverbs
advt advertisement
Afk. Afrikaans
Afk. E Afrikaans English
Afr. Africa, African
Afr. E African English
Agric. agriculture, agricultural
Amer. American
A.N.C., ANC African National Congress
Ann. annual, annals
anon. anonymous
Anthropol. anthropology, anthropological
app. apparently
App. Appendix
Archeol. archeology
Archit. (as label) in architecture
Archit. (in titles) architecture, -al
Assoc. association, associated
attrib. attributive, -ly
Austral. Australian
Autobiog. autobiography, -ical
Biog., Biogr. biography, -ical
bk(s) book(s)
Bot. botany, -ical
Brit. British, Brittanica
Brit. Eng. British English
Bros. brothers
c (before a date) circa
C. (as 19th C.) century
Catal. catalogue
Cent. century
cf. compare
Chem. chemical
Chron. chronicle(s)
Civ. civilization(s), civilized
Co. company
cogn. cognate
Col. colony, -ies, colonial
Col. E Coloured English
Coll., Collect. collection
colloq. colloquial, -ly
comb. combination(s), combining
Comm. committee
Commiss. commission
Compar. comparative
Cons. S. Afr. Eng. Conservative South African English
Constit. constitution, -al
Contemp. contemporary
Contrib. contribution, contributions
Corresp. correspondence
Cycl. cyclopædia
Decentral. decentralization
Dept department
derog. derogatory, derogatorily
Descr. description(s)
Dev. development
dial. dialect, -al
Dict. dictionary
dim. diminutive
Dir. directory
Dis. diseases
Disc. discovery, -ies
Doc. documentary, document(s)
Du. Dutch
E. East, -ern
Econ. economic(s), economy, economical
ed. edition, editor, edited
Edin. Edinburgh
eds editors
Educ. education, -al
ellipt. elliptical, -ly
Encycl. encyclopedia
Eng. English
Engin. engineers, engineering
Environ. environmental
E. Prov. Eastern Province (South Africa)
Equat. Equatorial
erron. erroneously
esp. especially
Esq. esquire
Est. establishment, established
et al. and others
etc. and the rest
etym. etymology, -ical
exc. except
Exec. executive
Exped. expedition(s)
Explor. exploration(s), exploratory
fem. feminine
fig. figurative, -ly
fr. from
Fr. French
freq. frequent, -ly
Furn. furniture
G. German
Gard. gardeners’
Gaz. gazette
Gen. general
Geog., Geogr. geography, geographic, -al
Geol. geological
Ger. German
G.H. Good Hope
Gk Greek
Gloss. glossary
Govt government
Gt great
Hist. (as label) in a historical context
Hist. (in titles) history, -ical
Hort., Horticult. horticulture, -al
Hse house
Ibid. in the same book or passage
i.e. that is
I.L.A.M. International Library of African Music, Grahamstown
Illust. illustrated, illustrations
imp. imperative, -ly
Imp. imperial
Ind. India, -n
Indust. industry, -ies, industrial
Info. information
Inst. institute
int. interjection, -al
Int. interior
Internat. international
intrans. intransitive, -ly
Intro., Introd. introduction
It. Italian
(Jeffreys) quoted from M. D. W. Jeffreys: see Bibliography
Jhb. Johannesburg
joc. jocular, -ly
Jrnl(s) journal(s)
K.W.V. Ko-operatieve Wijnbouwers Vereniging (Co-operative Winegrowers Association)
L. Latin
Lang. language(s)
Lett. letters
Ling. linguistic(s)
Lit. literary, literature
loc. locative
Ltd limited
m. metre
Mag. magazine
Mem. memoirs, memorial, memories
Meth. Methodist
Mil. military
Misc. miscellaneous, miscellany
ml millilitre
Mod. modern
n. noun
N. North, -ern
Napac Natal Performing Arts Council
Narr. narrative, narration
Nat. national, natural
N.E.L.M. National English Literary Museum, Grahamstown
No. number
nr near
ns nouns
N.U.M. National Union of Mineworkers
Nusas National Union of South African Students
N.Z. New Zealand
obs. obsolete
Observ. observation
occas. occasionally
OED Oxford English Dictionary, 2nd edition
Off. official
O.F.S., OFS Orange Free State
Ord. Ordinance(s)
orig. original, -ly
P.A.C. Pan-African(ist) Congress
Parl. parliamentary
part. partial
perh. perhaps
pers. person, -al
Pers. Persian
(Pettman) quoted from C. Pettman: see Bibliography
Pg. Portuguese
Phil. philosophical
Philol. philological
Philos. philosophical
phr(r). phrase(s)
Pict. pictorial
pl., pl. plural
Pl. plate
pl. n. (phr.) plural noun (phrase)
Pop. popular
ppl adj. participial adjective
pple participle
Prac. practical
prec. preceding (word or entry)
pref. prefix
Pref. preface
prep. preposition
prob. probably
Proc. proceedings
Proclam. proclamation
Prog. progress
pron. pronoun
Prov. Province
Pty proprietory
Quart. quarterly
quot., quots quotation(s)
R. royal
Rd road
Rec. record(s)
Ref. reference
Reflect. reflections
Reg. register, regulation(s)
Regul. regulation(s)
Rel. relations
rel. to related to
Reminisc. reminiscences
Rep. report, representative
Rep. of S. Afr. Republic of South Africa
Res. residence
Rev. review
rev. revised
S. South
S. Afr. South Africa, -n
S. Afr. Du. South African Dutch
S. Afr. Eng. South African English
S.A.I.R.R. South African Institute of Race Relations
S.A.R. & H. South African Railways & Harbours
Sat. Saturday
sc. namely
Sci. science, scientific
Scot. Scottish
Sect. section
Sel. select, -ed, selection(s)
Sep. separate
sing. singular
Sn southern
Soc. society, social
sp. spelling, species (singular)
Sp. Spanish
spec. specific, -ally
spp. species (plural)
SRC Students’ Representative Council
SSB Standard Southern British English
St Saint
Stat. statute(s), statutory
Std standard
Str. street
subsp. subspecies
suff. suffix
Suppl. supplement
S.W. Afr. South-West Africa, -n
(Swart) quoted from C. P. Swart: see Bibliography
tr. translation (of), translator, translated
Trad. tradition(al)
trans. transitive
Trans. transactions
transf. transferred (sense)
Trav. travels, traveller
Treas. Treasury
Treat. treatment
trs translators
Tvl Transvaal
U.K. United Kingdom
Univ. university
unkn. unknown
U.S.(A.) United States (of America)
usu. usually
v. verb, -al
var(r). variant(s) of
vbl n. verbal noun
Vet. veterinary
Vol. volume
vols volumes
Voy. voyage(s)
W. West, -ern
Yr(s) year(s)
Zoo., Zool. zoology, -ical