Display Controls

The entry is displayed to show only the most essential content first. Use the Show more control to reveal information not displayed by default.


Given the historical emphasis of the dictionary, each definition is supported by a list of chronologically dated and bibliographically referenced quotations.

The first and last quotation in each list is displayed by default. Click Show more to see the full list of quotations which shows the development of a word over time and gives an idea of its degree of assimilation into South African English as it is used nowadays. The expanded quotations list can be shrunk again by clicking Show less at the bottom of the list.


The most commongly recognised South African English forms are displayed first. Click Show more to display the full list.


Only languages of origin are shown by default. Full information about the origin of an entry can be accessed by clicking Show more.

Compounds and derivatives

When given as a separate subdivision of the main entry, an alphabetically ordered list of links to compounds and derivatives is located on the right of the main entry window. In cases where this list is long (see entries for Cape or wild, for example) only the first ten are shown by default. Use Show more to see the full list. Clicking on any of the links automatically takes you to the relevant form within the main entry.