Each entry is made up of one or more senses. Each sense represents a particular meaning of the headword. Senses are chronologically arranged, first by part of speech and then according to the date of first recorded use for each sense. In general, compounds are grouped together as a separate numbered sense or sub-sense.

Each sense is followed by a set of quotations. Senses are listed in the horizontal bar shown to the right of each entry and in search results only when they are attested by a set of quotations.

Labelling of senses

A capital letter (A, B) is used for each part of speech represented by the headword, and an arabic numeral (1, 2) for each sense within that group

Hertzogite, noun and adjective . . . A. noun 1. in historical contexts. A supporter of J.B.M. Hertzog . . . 2. Herstigte noun sense a . . . B. adjective 1. Herstigte adjective . . . 2. in historical contexts. Of or pertaining to supporters of J.B.M. Hertzog and his Afrikaner Party
African, noun1 and adjective1 . . . A. noun 1. A black person of African descent . . . B. adjective 1. a. Of or pertaining to Africa

If the distinction between these senses is a fine one, lower case letters (a, b) may be used instead of arabic numerals to suggest a closer semantic distance.

skoffel, verb . . . a. intransitive. To work with a hoe . . . b. transitive. To weed (a piece of land) with a hoe
skyf, verb . . . a. transitive. To smoke (a cigarette or reefer) . . . b. intransitive. To smoke

Senses marked 1, 2 may have subdivisions (marked a, b), and further subdivisions (marked i, ii).

dominee, noun . . . 1.obsolete. A parish clerk . . . 2. a. predikant sense a . . . b. ‘Minister’, used: i. As a term of address. ii With a name, as a title

Numbered senses which fall into distinct semantic or other patterns may be grouped by large roman numerals (I, II).

kleinbaas, noun . . . I. A common noun. 1. obsolete. One not fully in authority . . . 2. baasie sense 2 . . . II. A form of address. 3. baasie sense 1 a . . . III. A title. 4. Used with a name
springbok, noun . . . I. The animal. 1. a. The gazelle Antidorcas marsupialis of the Bovidae . . . II. transferred sense Used as a national symbol