Sort Options

Sort functionality is applicable to the Results List. The default sort order for fulltext search results is by Relevance. All other lists of results are sorted alphabetically by default. This order can be changed by selecting an alternative Sort option from the menu in the top right corner.

Sort: A-Z

This option orders entries alphabetically by headword. It is the default sort order (unless a fulltext search was performed).

Sort: Z-A

Use this option to sort results in reverse alphabetical order.

Sort: Earliest recorded first

This option displays results chronologically by the date of the first quotation for each entry. Use this option to see words in order of their appearance in the developing history of South African English, according to the evidence in the dictionary data, with the oldest words at the top of the list.

Sort: Earliest recorded last

This option displays entries by the date of the first quotation for each entry but in reverse chronological order. Use this option to show the words recorded as appearing most recently in South African English at the top of the list.