Results List

All entries matching a particular search query are listed in the main part of the browser window on a results page. Only the first fifty alphabetically ordered results are shown by default on the Results page. The total number of results is indicated at the bottom of the page. Click Show All to display the complete list.

Each numbered result shows the headword and part of speech along with a definition snippit. To navigate to a particular entry, click on the headword link. Quick links to compound forms are shown in red at the end of the definition snippet.

The horizontal bar, located to the right of each result, shows in yellow a visual representation of the date range between first and last recorded quotation for that particular entry. Hover the mouse over the bar to see the corresponding dates. In cases where more than one meaning is attributed to a particular headword, the number of senses is indicated below the bar.

The date of the first quotation for each result gives an indication of when a particular word entered the vocabulary of South African English and is shown on the far right of the bar. This date can be used as a sort pattern according to which results can be displayed.