Filter Tools

By applying various filters, the display of results can be refined according to common characteristics such as subject Category, language of Origin or Usage. These tools allow the narrowing down of large volumes of entries to only the most relevant results.

Applying filters

Click the Add Filters button in the top left hand corner of a results page to open the filter menu (this button toggles between Add Filters and Clear All).

Click on a filter type heading i.e. Category, Origin or Usage to view filtering options for each, displayed as a vertical list below the filter type heading.

Further levels of refinement, if available, are indicated by an arrow (>), and will open automatically when you move your mouse over the list. Click to confirm a selection at any level of the hierarchy.

Active filters are displayed at the top of the results page, above the filter tools menu. Deselect active filters by clicking the close icon (X) next to the filter label to return to the previous results list. All other active filters will remain applied.

Alternatively cancel all active filters in one click by selecting the Clear All button.

Multiple selections

Multiple filter selections can be applied both from within a particular filter type, for example multiple selections across options within subject Category, or in combination with other filter types, for example subject Category filters in combination with Origin and/or Usage filters.

Where no results are available for any particular combination option, these headings are shown in pale grey in the dropdown lists under each filter type and cannot be selected. Options that are available for selection are shown in normal font colour.