Date Range Slider

The Date Range Slider, located at the top of a results page, functions as both a visual indicator showing date span, and a control tool with which to refine the display of results.

Date range slider as visual indicator

As a visual indicator, the date range slider shows the range of first recorded quotations according to the entries in the current results list display. Once a filter is applied and a new set of results generated, the date range slider automatically adjusts to show the altered range of results. This feautre gives a quick and easy visual indicator of the time span during which words sharing common characteristics entered the South African English vocabulary.

Date range slider as control tool

The date range slider also functions as a control tool to interactively determine the span of content, determined on the basis of first use, displayed on the results page. By moving the handles horizontally using your mouse, you can adjust the display of results, or click on the calibration pips at 50-year intervals below the slider. Alternatively the date range can be entered into the input boxes on the left and right of the date range slider using your keyboard.

Interpreting the display presentation

The date span of first quotations for all entries displayed on the results page correspond to the area indicated in bright red on the date range slider.

On moving the handles inwards the colour of the red bar changes to a muted shade of red. This colour represents available results currently not displayed in the results below as they fall outside of the selected date range. To view these results adjust the handles of the slider outwards.

Areas shown in grey indicate a zone of zero results and cannot be accessed using the slider.