zol, zoll, noun

zols, zolle /ˈzɔlə/.
Unknown; the word zol in the sense of ‘marijuana cigarette’ was recorded in Mexico in the 1950s (see article by H. Braddy in American Speech Vol.30 No.2, May 1955, p.88), but it is not known what the relationship is between that word and this.
1. a. A hand-rolled marijuana cigarette; boomskuif, see boom noun sense 2; pill; skyf noun sense a; stop sense 1 b. b. A twist of paper containing the amount of marijuana required to make a cigarette. Cf. stop sense 1 a.
1946 C.P. Wittstock in E. Partridge Dict. of Underworld (1950) 399Dagga..:..torpedo, aap, zol.
1949 H.C. Bosman Cold Stone Jug (1969) 45The dagga cigarette is now ready (the ‘zol’, they call it), and the rookers gather round in a circle.
1959 J. Meiring Candle in Wind 133‘Haven’t you got a zoll for me?’ he begged. ‘Just one? I’ll die if I can’t have one!’
1967 Drum 27 Aug. 7The customers in turn sell ‘zols’ — cigarette size — to their customers.
1974 Evening Post 28 Oct. 1Police confiscated four bags of dagga and 964 dagga zolls after a car was stopped near Kinkelbos.
1980 A. Fugard Tsotsi 20Tsotsi rocked gently on his chair. Boston asked no more questions, brooding into his glass while the zol passed between Butcher and Die Aap.
1992 S. Bartlett in Weekend Post 13 June 3The dagga is packed into 2g to 4g ‘zols’ or envelopes.
1993 Sunday Nation 8 Aug. 6‘It’s this that’s been my downfall,’ he said, waving the bottle and puffing on his zol.
2. dagga noun2 sense 1.
1952 Mr Drum in Drum Sept. 12It is known in the slang as ‘garnja,’..‘zoll,’ [etc.].
1963 L.F. Freed Crime in S. Afr. 207Dagga..was known..by a variety of names, such as..‘zoll’, ‘tokwaan’, [etc.].
1978 Darling 8 Nov. 74Once I tried mixing my zoll with hash...I was holding this guitar, I kept on dropping it and the people were laughing.
1990 B. Ronge in Sunday Times 16 Dec. (Mag. Sect.) 6Even microwaves and cheap little diamond rings are good in an exchange for mandrax buttons or some superior zol in Hillbrow.
3. A hand-rolled tobacco cigarette; skyf noun sense b.
1968 A. Fugard Notebks (1983) 176He was the only source of the brown paper used for rolling zols (Horseshoe or Springbok tobacco).
1971 Cape Times 3 July (Mag. Sect.) 4Boon makes us a lekker zol of BB tobacco and brown paper check.
1988 S.A. Botha in Frontline Oct.Nov. 10Our pockets bulged with the..packs of BB tobacco, and strips of newspaper in which we rolled our zolle. Not even the dumbest novice in prison leaves his tobacco lying around untended.
A hand-rolled marijuana cigarette; boomskuif, see boomnoun2; pill; skyfnouna; stop1 b.
A twist of paper containing the amount of marijuana required to make a cigarette.
A hand-rolled tobacco cigarette; skyfnounb.
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