wilde, adjective

Dutch, AfrikaansShow more Dutch and Afrikaans, attributive form of wild wild; cf. wild.
Special collocations.
a. In the names of plants:
wilde als /- ˈals/, formerly also wilde alsem, wilde alsies [Afrikaans, earlier South African Dutch wilde alsem, from Dutch alsem wormwood], the aromatic bushy shrub Artemisia afra of the Asteraceae, similar to the European wormwood, used medicinally and as a base for perfume;
wild wormwood, see wild sense a; also attributive;
wilde dagga, see dagga noun2 sense 2;
wilde knoflok /-ˌknɔflɔk/, also wilde knofflock, wilde knofflook, wilde knoflook [Afrikaans, from Dutch wilde knoflook (knoflook garlic)], the plant Tulbaghia alliacea of the Liliaceae, the bulb of which smells strongly of garlic; wild garlic, see wild sense a.
1786 G. Forster tr. of A. Sparrman’s Voy. to Cape of G.H. II. 143Having..during the oppression on the chest, the swoonings, or the difficulty of respiration with which they were seized, been persuaded by me to take a cup or two of it (sc. brandy), especially when the virtues of it were heightened by wilde alsies (a kind of wormwood) being infused in it,..their joy can hardly be conceived.
1973 Y. Burgess Life to Live 29When the supply of domestic garlic was exhausted, they gathered the wild variety — the ‘wilde knoflok’.
b. In the names of animals:
wildemakou /-məˌkəu/, /-maˌkəʊ/ (formerly also vildemaakeou, vilge maccow) [South African Dutch, makou perhaps adaptation of English muscovy duck; or from Macao the name of a (former) Portuguese territory in south China], the spurwinged goose Plectropterus gambensis of the Anatidae;
wildepaard obsolete, also wilde-paerd (plural wilde-paerden) [Dutch, paard horse], (a) usually hyphenated, or as two words: any of several species of zebra, especially the mountain zebra (sense (a), see mountain), Equus zebra zebra; (b) usually as one word: an earlier form of wildeperd [Afrikaans, perd horse], the zebra fish, Diplodus cervinus hottentotus.
1856 F.P. Fleming Sn Afr. 396The most remarkable [wild duck] of which, is the ‘Vildemaakeou,’ [printed Vildemaakeon] or spurwinged goose.
1993 Bennett & Attwood in Earthyear Winter 35The populations of..wildeperd..have recovered.
any of several species of zebra, especially the mountain zebra (sense (a), see mountain), Equus zebra zebra;
an earlier form of wildeperd, perd horse, the zebra fish, Diplodus cervinus hottentotus.