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vrot, adjective

Also frot.
Afrikaans, DutchShow more Afrikaans, adaptation of Dutch verrotten to rot.
1. figurative
a. Rotten, no good, useless.
1910 C. Meredith Peggy of Cape Town 89Sis, man, don’t be such a vrot thing; look on the bright side of things, and tell your creditors to go to the devil.
1994 A. Levin in Sunday Times 9 Oct. (Mag. Sect.) 8The vrot lefties, those hanging around for the image or the aspirations, quickly downgraded in the grand scheme of things: from lefties to leftovers.
b. Drunk.
1991 G. Murray Informant, AlbertonHe got vrot on too much beer and wine. (Drunk.)
1991 I.E.G. Collett Informant, Pilgrim’s RestVrot, frot: Properly drunk. ‘Those two were absolutely frot last night.’
2. Especially of organic matter: rotting, putrid.
1939 S. Cloete Watch for Dawn 44What are the charges against me? That I broke a stick over Booy’s head. It was a rotten stick, vrot, or it would not have broken.
1994 C.M. Silva Informant, MargateOnly shell of Bldg. wasn’t rotten or ‘frot’ as the workmen said.
3. combination , Pathology
vrot maag, also (formerly) verrot maag /- mɑːx/ [Afrikaans, maag stomach, crop] , in ostriches: an inflamation of the stomach, caused by a worm.
1913 C. Pettman Africanderisms 535Verrot maag,..A disease affecting ostriches — an inflamed condition of the stomach with a secretion of a jelly-like mucus due to the presence of a Palisade worm.
1976 S. Lynne Beloved VikingThe men were discussing the merits of certain medicine for vrotmaag. Philippa had just been reading about this scourge amongst ostrich chicks, so she listened with interest.
Rotten, no good, useless.
rotting, putrid.
an inflamation of the stomach, caused by a worm.
So vrot intransitive verb, to rot.
1890 J.F. Sewell Private Diary (1983) 118Kitty began to vituperate & wished the boat would vrot & she would take her girl away from me etc. etc.
1994 J. McNaught Informant, Fransch HoekThe plums aren’t worth anything. It’d be better just to let them vrot on the trees.

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