up North, adverbial phrase and & noun phrase

During or with reference to World War II:
A. adverbial phrase In the North African theatre of war, especially Egypt.
1941 Star 1 Feb.Our gallant boys who have been bearing the real heat and burden of the day up north will return to find many of the play-play soldiers and base wallahs wearing what should be a badge of honour.
1941 George & Knysna Herald 20 Aug. 4The George branch of the S.A.W.A.S. want to show their appreciation of what our own George boys have done and are doing up North by sending them a small parcel three times a year.
1946 T. Macdonald Ouma Smuts 9Her love for her ‘boys and girls’ made her take two trips by air ‘up north’ to Egypt.
1964 M. Benson Afr. Patriots 98He spoke about ‘our men’ who were ‘dying up North’, who were helping to take North Africa and Madagascar.
1978 Pace Dec. 61South African Bantu make excellent soldiers, you know? We had some of them Up North during the War.
1987 Grocott’s Mail 9 June 3During the war she raised funds, knitted socks and sent parcels ‘Up North’.
1992 in Natal Mercury 27 Aug. 7A fully equipped surgical ambulance which was inscribed: ‘To the Allied Forces from the Children of Durban’..was used ‘up north’.
B. noun phrase This theatre of war.
1943 L. Sowden Union of S. Afr. 264‘Up North,’ meaning the fighting fronts, has been an everyday expression.
1944 Twede in Bevel Piet Kolonel 179He had flown down to the Union from up North, owing to the news of his wife’s serious illness.
1977 L. Abrahams Celibacy of Felix Greenspan 55They were worrying about Hitler and up North.
1987 O. Musi in Drum Dec. 32These were the guys who had returned from Up North.
In the North African theatre of war, especially Egypt.
This theatre of war.
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