umkhuhlu, noun

The Natal mahogany sense (a) (see Natal sense b), Trichilia emetica.
1907 T.R. Sim Forests & Forest Flora 10The kinds which have been worked to any extent are, viz. — Sneezewood, Real Yellow-wood, Outeniqua Yellow-wood, Faurea arborea under the name of Beukenhout, Flat Crown..Umkuhlu, Umzimbeet, and in smaller quantity Assegai, Hard Pear,..Umtenenenda, Impunzito, and several others.
1926 R. Campbell in Voorslag 1–3 (1985) 65He carved his last sonnet on a big Umkuhla tree in Durban which is still standing but the letters are almost illegible.
1967 S.M.A. Lowe Hungry Veld sat silently in the shade of a Mkhuhlu tree.
1983 Daily Dispatch 12 Mar. 3To the right a bright green-foliaged resident, an umkhulu (Natal mahogany) tree stands tall and proud.
1987 L. Capstickdale in S. Afr. Panorama Aug. 47At her death on 27 September, 1965, Killie’s ashes were scattered, at her request, beneath an umkhuhlu tree in the garden which she loved so well.
The Natal mahogany sense (a) (see Natalb), Trichilia emetica.
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