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trekkie, noun

AfrikaansShow more Afrikaans, trek (see trek noun) + diminutive suffix -ie.
A small party of persons travelling by ox wagon. Cf. trek noun sense 6. Also attributive, and transferred sense, a migratory bird.
‘Trekkie’ in U.S. and British English is ‘an admirer of the U.S. science fiction television programme Star Trek; hence, a space-traveller; one interested (trivially) in space travel.’ (OED, second edition). This sense is not generally known in South Africa.
1888 J. Bird (tr. of D.P. Bezuidenhout) in Annals of Natal I. 367A small ‘trekkie’ (party of emigrants) had preceded us.
1985 Sunday Times 1 Sept. (Mag. Sect.) 12Once a year he, and about 100 friends sold on the ‘trekkie’ lifestyle, would rekindle the pioneering past by spending five days trundling through the Agatha Mountains on the old transport road.
A small party of persons travelling by ox wagon.

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