tree, verb

AfrikaansShow more Afrikaans tree aan, tree pace, step, stride + aan in, on.
In the phrase to tree aan /- ɑːn/.
Used mainly in army parlance:
a. intransitive. To fall in, form up into line; to report for duty.
1981 Fair Lady 29 July 125The only time you are ever able to relax and not worry about being screamed at by a corporal, or about whistles blowing and having to tree aan in two minutes flat, is when you go to bed at night.
1986 J. Whyle in S. Gray Market Plays 168Ricky:..How you handling it, troep?...Shaun: Well after studying English literature it’s pretty weird learning how to kill people you know. Ricky: Sure. Clown: Tree aan! Susan, Ricky and Shaun fall in a line.
b. transitive. To engage the help of (someone).
1984 W. Steenkamp in Cape Times 1 Feb.Tree aan the padre! If a padre is not willing to intercede for a man or give him a hearing, he is no good. I must say I have come across very few padres of this stamp.
To fall in, form up into line; to report for duty.
To engage the help of (someone).
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