toyi-toyi, verb intransitive

Also toi-toi.
From toyi-toyi noun.
1. To perform the toyi-toyi. Occasionally transitive (see McGibbon quotation, 1988).
1987 New Nation 6 Aug. 19As soon as the Buffels were out of sight, small crowds of youths started to toi-toi down the street singing: ‘I am a guerilla.’
1988 Weekly Mail 29 Apr. 1When the accused were brought back to court yesterday they were singing and toyi-toyi-ing.
1988 C. McGibbon in Sunday Star 22 May 2As news of his death became known residents toi-toied their jubilation in the shanty streets.
1990 Weekly Mail 2 Mar. 22What..was the scene like at the Market Theatre tonight? Was it business as usual there too, or were they toyi-toying in the aisles?
1990 Weekend Mail 13 July 11Richard Cock, conductor of the SABC choirs, was last week seen toyi-toying up and down the stage of the Pretoria State an uncontrollable spirit of unison with the music.
1990 M. Kentridge Unofficial War 116The coffin is shouldered and carried out of the church. The guard of honour runs before it toyi-toying.
1993 H. Gwala in Natal Witness 13 Apr. 1There are many blacks who are pro-apartheid, like Inkatha supporters who toyi-toyied in Imbali hostel chanting ‘where is Chris Hani, he is in the mortuary’.
1993 J. Maluleke in Drum Aug. 33Just to hear 30,000 guerillas toyi-toying in the heat of the emaGojini, knees beating their chests, arms high-up in the air holding AK-47’s,..was a moving experience.
1993 W. Hartley in Weekend Post 13 Nov. 6The image of Afrikaner Weerstandbeweging ‘heavies’ toyi-toyiing in the aisles to break up an African National Congress meeting..has had me chortling all week.
2. figurative and punning.
1990 Natal Mercury 31 July 1I’m glad both parties are still ready to negotiate. After all, it takes two to toyi-toyi.
1990 Weekend Mail 5 Oct. 14Clever word-play, leaving audiences in tears of laughter, is one of Mutloatse’s strongest points — ‘I’ve been toyi-toying with the idea.’
1993 J. Hobbs in Sunday Times 7 Nov. 15I am hopeful that these good omens are the first stirrings of a future where Africa will toyi-toyi on to the world stage singing, ‘You thought we were finished? Suka!’
To perform the toyi-toyi. Occasionally transitive (see McGibbon quotation, 1988).
and punning.
Hence toyi-toying verbal noun, also toyi-toyiing, performance of the toyi-toyi; also as attributive, performing the toyi-toyi.
1989 Weekly Mail 13 Oct. 4Toyi-toyi-ing youths at a snap rally called by the Mass Democratic Movement in Athlone were repeatedly dispersed by police.
1990 Personality 4 June 27Were police acting legitimately to save lives and property, or did they mistake toyi-toying for a threatening mob and spark the violence they were meant to prevent?
1990 Style Nov. 61We’re seeing choreography that includes anything from gumboot dancing to toyi-toying.
1993 Weekly Mail & Guardian 13 Aug. 35The toyi-toyiing youths entered the stadium at a trot, chanting first ‘One settler, one bullet,’ followed by a rumbling ‘We can run and shoot at the same time’.
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