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tearoom, noun

Also T-room.
EnglishShow more Special sense of general English tearoom a room in which tea is served.
1. café.
1951 A. Gordon-Brown Yr Bk & Guide to Sn Afr. 1951 607Alicedale,..Hotel, white population 148, is an important railway junction with Tea Room.
1990 R. Gool Cape Town Coolie 30He entered the tea-room, really an old-fashioned winkel.
2. combinations
tearoom bio, tearoom bioscope, tearoom cinema: bio-café.
1976 V. Rosenberg Sunflower 29Herman also whiled away many hours at the local T-room bioscopes.
1978 T. Olsen in Cape Times 21 July 1An Epping schoolboy..went into a coma from a suspected drug overdose in a City tearoom cinema yesterday.

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