stop, noun

AfrikaansShow more Transferred use of Afrikaans stop a plug or fill of tobacco.
Especially among marijuana-smokers:
1. a. A quantity of marijuana sufficient to roll a cigarette or fill a pipe; boomstop, see boom noun sense 2. Occasionally stoppie [see -ie]. Cf. pipe sense 2 a, zol noun sense 1 b. b. A marijuana cigarette: zol noun sense 1 a.
1949 H.C. Bosman Cold Stone Jug (1969) 44Dagga was smuggled into the prison in various ways, and the price for it was high, a single stoppie of dagga being reckoned as the equivalent of twenty doppies (or a whole week’s ration) of tobacco.
1974 Eng. Usage in Sn Afr. Vol.5 No.1, 11To the ordinary smoker a stop (Afrikaans pronunciation) means a fill for a pipe or roll a skuif: to the roker, stop means boom-stop. These stops — or rather the boom for the stop..come in varying parcels.
1974 J. Matthews Park 22Jammie turned to his companion. ‘Eyes, gif him de udder stop. We get more dagga at de Alabama.’
1979 Cape Times 1 Dec. 11As an introduction, a stolen item such as a radio or tape recorder is offered to the gang leader for a ‘button, knoop or stop, se geld’ (money for dagga).
1985 P. Slabolepszy Sat. Night at Palace 69Hey, what’s this? Stoppe!? You a bloody rooker, chief? Gott, there’s enough boom here to —..How much you make on the quiet, chief?
2. Marijuana: dagga noun2 sense 1.
1952 Mr Drum in Drum Sept. 12Derived from Hottentot Dachab, it (sc. dagga) is known in the slang as ‘garnja,’..‘stops,’ ‘boom,’ [etc.].
1967 Drum 27 Aug. 7He pauses to recall the pleasant moments of his most recent encounter with ‘stop’. ‘You know, I’m seriously thinking of giving up the booze and hitting the weed full-time’...Aardpyp (earth-pipe): Four to six foot length of steel tubing with the stop packed in at one end; you pull while lying flat on your stomach.
1975 Daily Dispatch 27 Mar. (Suppl.) 10Mr B— offered him ‘stop’ for sale. ‘I asked “what stop”’...Mr B— told him it was the ‘stop’ in zolls. Mr M— said that he did not want any stop in zolls but would rather buy it in a large quantity.
1977 Sunday Times 1 May 7They are regular dagga smokers and know a number of places to buy ‘stop’.
1981 L. & P. Robertson-Hotz in Bloody Horse No.3, 36Nearby there was a span of stop, I remember, fields of the stuff...We just perch there, smoke some stop, slap away mosquitos.
A quantity of marijuana sufficient to roll a cigarette or fill a pipe; boomstop, see boomnoun2. Occasionally stoppiesee -ie.
A marijuana cigarette: zolnoun1 a.
Marijuana: dagganoun1.
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