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stinkhout, noun

Formerly also stink-houtt.
South African Dutch, DutchShow more South African Dutch, from Dutch stink stink(ing) + hout wood.
a. stinkwood sense a. Also attributive.
1790 tr. of F. Le Vaillant’s Trav. II. 239I observed here many trees of the same kind as those I had met with in the country of Auteniqua: the stink-houtt, or stinking wood, abounded in every quarter.
1986 Sunday Times 7 Sept. 7The sexual antics of the Matie lovers in the sanctimonious privacy of the ‘stinkhout ossewa’.
b. With distinguishing epithet:
Camdeboo stinkhout (obs.), or wit stinkhout [Afrikaans, wit white], Camdeboo stinkwood (see stinkwood sense b); also attributive.
1852 M.B. Hudson S. Afr. Frontier Life 34Ensconsed in a corner at foot of the rock Is the Camdeboo Stinkhout.
1984 [see Camdeboo stinkwood stinkwood sense b].
stinkwooda. Also attributive.

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