stink-cat, noun

So called because of the foul-smelling fluid emitted from the animal’s anal glands when it feels threatened.
The muishond (sense 1 a i), Ictonyx striatus.
1834 W.H.B. Webster Narr. of Voy. to Sn Atlantic Ocean 296It is said that there is good shooting on the top of the Table Mountain, as it abounds in rock rabbits and baboons, besides stink-cats, probably no very desirable game after all.
1899 H. Rider Haggard Swallow 50I have shammed dead like a stink-cat when dogs are about.
1913 C. Pettman Africanderisms 478Stink cat, Zorilla striata. This by no means pretty name is sometimes given to the Muishond.
The muishond (sense 1 a i), Ictonyx striatus.

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