soutpiel, noun

soutpiele /ˈsəʊtpilə/, soutpiels.
AfrikaansShow more Afrikaans, sout salt + piel penis; see quotation 1983.
Not in polite use. rooinek.
The word soutie is considered more acceptable than ‘soutpiel’.
1972 P. Driscoll Wilby Conspiracy 191What does she want with Bushmen and bolsheviks and a kaffir-loving soutpiel like you?..You know what does soutpiel mean? No? That’s what we call an Englishman. Saltprick.
1976 A. Delius in Times Lit. Suppl. (U.K.) 21 May 446A variety of names conveying racial or social contempt...momparas, backvelders, plaasjapies, Kaffers, rooineks, kafferboeties, though not that striking soubriquet for an Englishman, sout piel.
1983 Frontline May 54These are the true Soutpiele — one foot in SA and one foot in Britain and another extremity dangling in the salt waters of the Mediterranean.
1986 Rhodeo (Rhodes Univ.) May 6I was living amongst fellow Christians — yet all I heard was their racist attitudes, with constant use of terms ‘koelies’, ‘kaffirs’, ‘jews’, and ‘soutpiele’.
1986 Weekly Mail 18 Apr. 18A hairyback and a rooinek, a boer and a soutpiel, a dumb Dutchman and a donnerse Engelsman.
1990 R. Malan My Traitor’s Heart 57Most English South Africans had some Afrikaans, but their accents betrayed them as soutpiels — ‘salt dicks’. A soutpiel was an Englishman with one foot in South Africa and the other in England — a straddle so broad that his cock dangled in the sea. Most policemen, on the other hand, were rocks, or Afrikaners, and rocks were not all that fond of soutpiels.
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