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sore-eye flower, noun phrase

According to C.A. Smith (1966), ‘derived from a popular tradition that long staring at the inflorescence or flower..produces sore eyes’; but see also quotation 1917.
Any of several plants of the Amaryllidaceae: a. Any of several species of Brunsvigia; see also candelabra sense 1. b. Boophone disticha; also called gifbol. c.  Nerine. d. The Knysna lily (sense a), Cyrtanthus obliquus. e. Any of several species of Ammocharis. Also elliptical, sore-eye.
1910 E. London Dispatch 27 May 5 (Pettman)A large Cyrtanthus or sore-eye flower (though why so called we have yet to learn).
1982 [see Knysna lily sense a].

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