skiet, verb

Also scheit, skit.
Afrikaans, DutchShow more Afrikaans, to shoot (from Dutch schieten).
1. intransitive and transitive. To shoot (someone or something).
1885 H. Rider Haggard King Solomon’s Mines 91‘Skit, Baas, skit!’..whispered the Hottentot, throwing himself on his face.
1894 E. Glanville Fair Colonist 115‘They will have buffalo meat to-morrow night.’ ‘Good, sir. Baas will surely skit one, and they are now fat.’
1912 F. Bancroft Veldt Dwellers 32You’ll be sjamboked for a skulker, or scheit for a deserter if you try running away.
1912 F. Bancroft Veldt Dwellers 282As we round that kopje — at top speed, men — scheit! scheit!
1937 H. Klein Stage Coach Dust 160Take steady aim..and when I say ‘skiet’, let go. I will shoot the other.
1985 Frontline Aug. 54When the terr is standing there with his AK pointing at you you can’t say ‘hey, now hold it hey’...You’ve got to skiet him or he skiets you.
2. intransitive. slang. see quotation.
1950 E. Partridge Dict. of Underworld 630Skiet, To gamble with dice.
3. transitive and intransitive. Slang. [Probably from Afrikaans idiomatic usage, spek skiet (literally ‘shoot bacon’), to tell lies, or kaart skiet ‘to shoot a line’, to deceive.] To fantasize, to imagine (something); to lie.
1970 G.E.Q. Absolom Informant, GermistonIt can be fun to skiet kaarte (talking [sic] nonsense).
1970 B. Hansen Informant, DurbanDon’t skiet here. Don’t tell lies...You skiet you’re a joller, hey. You think you’re just the guy, hey.
1970 J. Stodel Informant, Cape TownGee, she skits she’s the ace. She thinks a lot of herself.
To shoot (someone or something).
see quotation.
To fantasize, to imagine (something); to lie.
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