skaapbos, skaapbossie, noun

schaapbos, schaapboschShow more Formerly also schaapbos, schaapbosch, schaapboschje, schaapbosje.
Afrikaans, South African DutchShow more Afrikaans (earlier South African Dutch schaapbosch, skaapboschje), skaap sheep + bos bush (+ -ie).
Any type of Karoo bush (see Karoo sense 2) suitable for use as grazing for sheep.
1872 E.J. Dunn in A.M.L. Robinson Sel. Articles from Cape Monthly Mag. (1978) 39Covering the ground is..a tiny shrub, seldom attaining the height of one foot, called ‘schaap bosch’. On this sheep and all kinds of cattle live and fatten, preferring it to grass or any other kind of vegetation.
1872 E.J. Dunn in A.M.L. Robinson Sel. Articles from Cape Monthly Mag. (1978) 64Fraserburg itself is rather a small village...Round about grows the useful ‘schaapbosch’, on which the value of wool so much depends throughout this region.
1906 F. Blersch Handbk of Agric. 254Though plants bearing common names such as rooi gras, Schaap boschje, karroo boschje, aar boschje, etc., convey the meaning of their being useful and valuable, it does not signify that they are botanically the same plant everywhere...The valuable schaap boschjes belong to the Pentzia group.
1910 A.B. Lamont Rural Reader 257The schaapbos or good Karoo, is one of the best known of the smaller bushes.
1917 R. Marloth Dict. of Common Names of Plants 72Schaap’bos, Pentzia virgata. One of the most valuable fodder-shrublets of the Karoo (= Goed’karoo). In some districts the same name applies to Felicia fascicularis.
1937 Handbk for Farmers (Dept of Agric. & Forestry) 395Pentzia incana forma (Goeie karo, skaapbossie)...A variety of forms, differing considerably in appearance and palatability to stock.
1966 C.A. Smith Common Names 418Skaapbossie, Nowadays more frequently used as a general term for any fodder bush which is not only relished by sheep but also on which they fatten, and usually employed in certain districts with specific reference to only a few such species.
1977 Fair Lady 8 June (Suppl.) 23Brenda Landman adds some ‘Skaapbos’ to her lamb. This is the bush the sheep eat which seems to give Karoo lamb that unique flavour.
1993 S. Dikeni in House & Leisure Nov. 42The Karoo sun..will whisper..good morning..on the breath of awakening skaapbossies and herbs.
Any type of Karoo bushKaroo2 suitable for use as grazing for sheep.
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