skaam, adjective and noun

AfrikaansShow more Afrikaans adjective (from noun skaamte shame, shyness).
A. adjective Shy, embarrassed, bashful.
1970 V. Young Informant, QueenstownI feel skaam to meet those people (shy or ashamed.)
1976 Darling in J. Branford Dict. of S. Afr. Eng. (1987) 320‘Cut it out, man..’ Frik mutters, getting all skaam at the way she’s performing..‘Don’t give us a hard time now, doll.’
1991 K. Sullivan Informant, Cape TownI felt very skaam today — you really put me in the eyes.
B. noun Remorse, (sense of) shame.
1970 Informant, GrahamstownThat little boy has no skaam.
1985 Frontline Aug. 54Maybe we’ll help him along with a bit of the rifle butt...I feel no skaam.
Shy, embarrassed, bashful.
Remorse, (sense of) shame.

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