sis, noun2

Also sis’.
EnglishShow more Shortened form of sisi, or of English sister.
Especially in township English: a courteous title for, or form of address to a woman. Cf. bra sense 1, sisi sense 1.
1966 K.M.C. Motsisi in Drum 30 Jan. 20I turn around and recognise this non-voter as none other than Sis Well — the doll at whose wedding we sang.
1976 M. Tholo in C. Hermer Diary of Maria Tholo (1980) 15One patient hissed, ‘Hey, sis Maria,’ and..I realised I knew him.
1980 E. Patel They Came at Dawn 10Whitening cream lightens your skin sis..but strusgod your soul will never turn white in the night.
1981 B. Mfenyana in M. Mutloatse Reconstruction 294By the time he’s through I’ve already downed four beeahs at Sis Nota’s grog-house.
1986 M. Ramgobin Waiting to Live 116Once I also thought that all the men in my life..were different from one another. Sis, they are all the same.
1986 S. Sepamla Third Generation 1Whenever Sis Vi arrived home from work my anger was roused.
1990 Pace May 11I was merely trying to help, Sis’ May.
a courteous title for, or form of address to a woman.
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