Sintu, adjective and & noun

Also isintu.
Show more Formed on elements common to a number of Sintu languages: noun prefix isi-, si- denoting language or culture + noun stem -ntu (African) person, as in Zulu isintu African language or culture, humankind.
See note at Bantu.
A. adjective Bantu adjective sense 1.
1979 B. Mfenyana Neo-Sintu: Dynamic Challenge 1Let us make a conscious effort to grow away from referring to the Sintu languages of sub-Saharan Africa as Bantu. The people insist that ‘bathetha isiNtu[they speak Sintu], so there. The ‘Bantu’ habit may be old and infectious but it is far from correct.
1980 Voice 20 Aug. 14There are Sintu languages in south, east, central and western Africa.
B. noun Bantu noun sense 2.
1979 [see sense A].
1980 C. Nkosi in M. Mutloatse Forced Landing 13This lambschild shall remind the nation of the oft-remembered but never used Isintu.
1983 H. Mashabela in Frontline June 17He who speaks isingisi [English] instead of isintu loathes his people and their language!..We have isintu (our language).
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