simpel, adjective

Stupid, thick-headed; mentally retarded. See also dof, dom sense a.
1950 H.C. Bosman in S. Gray Makapan’s Caves (1987) 119People must have been a bit simpel in the head, in those old times that Oupa Beller was talking about if they thought anything about that sort of news.
a1951 H.C. Bosman in L. Abrahams Unto Dust (1963) She came of a Cape family of which quite a few members were known to be ‘simpel’.
[1972 E. Prov. Herald 8 June 15Where student activities were concerned, he said, he hoped Government members would stop using the ‘simple’ story that because taxpayers subsidised students, students should not be politically active.]
1984 B. Johnson-Barker in Wynboer June 71It was one thing to be simpel, but to be stupid was quite another.
Stupid, thick-headed; mentally retarded.
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