shottist, noun

EnglishShow more Perhaps a blend of general English shootist one skilled in shooting + shot (as in ‘he is a good shot’).
One skilled in shooting; one who competes in shooting competitions. Also attributive.
1949 O. Walker Proud Zulu (1951) 33It was clear that his reputation as a fighter and shottist had been enhanced by the battle.
1949 O. Walker Proud Zulu (1951) 270Sibebu with his eager horsemanship, his keen fighting brain, his shottist prowess.
1951 Natal Mercury 19 Apr. 13Durban shottist wins trophy.
1973 E. Prov. Herald 21 May 11Leading South African shottists will take part in the Eastern Province smallbore championships to be held in East London on Saturday May 26.
1977 P. Richardson in R.J. Bouch Infantry in S. Afr. 1652–1976 71In German South West Africa he (sc. the South African soldier) retained these fighting abilities, being an expert shottist, a fine horseman.., and a bold and self-reliant scout.
1985 Grocott’s Mail 11 Oct. 16Rhodes University shottists occupied the first four places of Class A at Saturday’s Fort Beaufort Bisley shot at the Arthur Walters Range on the Rhodes campus.
1986 H. Prendini in Style Oct.X is arguing with another journalist whether the word ‘shottist’ is legitimate or some nasty American invention. ‘It’s nowhere in my Oxford’ says X who’s been calling them ‘guns’ or ‘shots’.
1987 C. Hoare in Pace 43Raffique won a trophy for best shottist with both the 9mm pistol and shot-gun.
1991 C. Nel in Farmer’s Weekly 15 Feb. 36The rifle stock is primarily a practical means for the shottist to hold the working such a manner as to achieve the minimum of variation in bullet point-of-impact on the target.
One skilled in shooting; one who competes in shooting competitions. Also attributive.
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